Prom dresses and beautiful prom hairstyles inspiration

Best prom dresses and hairstyles*

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Prom dresses 2021 from ASOS

Here are the best prom dresses that I could find from ASOS. There are fitted prom dresses as well as long and elegant prom dresses like gala dresses. These stunning prom dresses are my absolute favorites from ASOS. 

Do you prefer long or short dresses? Elegant or funkier? Ball gown or fitted? 

Prom hairstyles ideas

I gathered a full collection of prom hairstyle ideas on my Prom Hairstyles Pinterest board. If you like to be inspired go check them out!

Tell me in the comments if you liked these prom dresses and hairstyle ideas!

Collection of gorgeous ASOS prom dresses for you to shop*

Art quotes about color



Colors in art quotes

Oh, how I love quotes, and especially words related to art. Here are just a few of my current favorite ones that related to colors and art. I hope you enjoy them. 

"One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well."
- Vincent van Gogh

"If I don't have red,
I use blue."
- Picasso

"Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?
Can one really explain this? No."
- Picasso

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul."
- Kadinsky

"We live in a rainbow of chaos."
- Paul Cezanne

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, 
the language of dreams."
- Paul Gauguin

Pinkish pink moodboard


Spring is coming - it's already a much brighter in the Northern hemisphere than few weeks ago.

I have always loved feminine pink and it's different hues.

I think the pale pink is really nice color for the spring accessories and fashion. It's fresh but not too bright for my taste.

After collecting pinkish photos I realised that I need to buy a pale pink leather clutch for the spring.

Minimalist Black + White Summer Beach Moodboard

Minimalist Black + White Summer Beach Moodboard*

Soon, I'll be vacationing in Mexico. Cannot wait the warm sea breeze and healthy smoothies by the beach!

I'm struggling a bit what to pack with me so I needed some inspiration. 

I love sun, warm sunny colors, blue sea, and green palm leaves BUT I also loooovvveee minimalist black and white summer vibes. My suitcase will be more empty than full this time! Just bare minimals - like my new minimal black watch from Kapten & Son.



Today I'm inspired by an earthy colored brown. One beauty image (I actually included it into this moodboard!) made me create this moodboard.

I did this just for fun!

I'm starting to really like moody photos and moodiness even though I usually associate moodiness to autumn and fall photos.



Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. It's also for friends and people who love pink and various hues of reds as all shops will be full of them this time of the year.


Hiljaiselo täällä blogissa jatkuu edelleen...


Kuva-arkistoistani löytyi tällainen ihanuus, joka sopisi hyvin vaikka mökin tunnelmaan. Osaisikohan tällaisen pitsilampun varjostimen tehdä itsekin...? Tämä kyseinen yksilö olöytyi Koiramäen pajutilalta Kangasalta.

Something old

Heart & pearls

Mitä teen, kun taaperomme nukkuu ulkona rattaissa? Otan tietysti kuvia koruista, joiden pitäisi päätyä jossakin vaiheessa Etsy-kauppaani.
EDIT: Taisipa tämä postaus olla jopa tunnin netissä, kun sain jo sähköpostiini kyselyn korusta - ja myinkin sen saman tien. :-)

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